A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Best Blender for Smoothies

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Smoothies offer a delightfully satiating experience and create an explosion of astounding flavours as the luscious drops hit your tastebuds. Whether you are using veggies or fruits or dairy products, the blissful beverage has the potential of refreshing your senses anytime and anywhere. Besides gratifying with its thick consistency and smooth texture, the concoction offers a glassful of nutrition. Smoothies are full of the wholesome goodness which gets drained out in the case of juices along with the pulp. Thus blenders score a notch higher than juicers.

Smoothies are prepared in blenders which do not let the pulp go to waste and keep the vital nutrients intact. Packed with vitamins and minerals, these yummy drinks are filling and appetising at the same time. It is one of the best ways to make kids consume fruits if they are not big fans of eating whole fruits. You must have noticed that delectable smoothies are easier to gulp down than solid fruits and vegetables even among adults. Moreover, summers are the ideal time to savour succulent drinks during outdoor activities. They are also the perfect add-ons to your quick morning breakfast and the answer to your evening hunger pangs. You can also make your backyard get-together more colourful with a generous spread of smoothies during a family brunch.

Thus a blender is a must-have if you want to indulge in the taste of these flavoursome beverages. Buying saves you the expenditure of grabbing a glass from the nearby juice bar every other day. A blender is not just capable of making smoothies but a whole lot of other fare including hummus, sauces, salad dressings, nut butter, soups and dips. The more advanced versions come with a host of features and can make your meals lip-smacking and healthy. However, it is not easy to pick one from all the available options. So here is a beginner’s guide to finding the best blender for smoothies in Australia. Let us first look at the type of blenders available in the market.

Different Types of Blenders

The recent inclination towards eating healthy and fitness has heated up the blender market and the manufacturers are coming out with superior features to attract the fitness fanatics. Here is what all you can find in the supermarkets.

Stick Blenders

Also known as immersion blenders, these are handheld blending sticks used for making sauces, puree, and mixing batters. It gives you the freedom of pureeing in the choice of your bowl as you don’t have to pour the liquid into the blender.

Benchtop Blenders

As the name suggests, benchtop blenders are the new-age and bigger machines which can be used for making smoothies, grinding nuts to butter, crushing ice cubes, chopping carrots and pureeing some soft foods.

Super Blenders

This is a versatile machine with some heavy-duty blending functionality, and thus they get the name super blenders. These multi-tasking devices are quite robust and perform a plethora of functions, such as crushing and chopping wet and dry ingredients, making nut butter, crushing ice into snowy mush, making spice pastes, kneading the dough, making perfect smoothies of leafy vegetables like kale, etc. Since these are quite powerful machines, the temperature of the smoothie goes up when it is prepared so you will have to add some ice to make it refreshing again. It can be a little frothy too.

Single Serve Blenders

This one is a relatively new concept to hit the markets but is becoming quite popular as it allows you to have the smoothie directly from the blender. It is especially useful for on-the-move people who don’t have much time and need things quickly. However, they are pulse function based machines that do not blend for more than a minute in one go. Also, you need to add some liquid to make a fine smoothie.

What To Look For In A Blender?

Since the market is flooded with premium brands and umpteen products in several variants, consumers always find it difficult to pick one. As always, your household needs take precedence over everything else. So let us understand the basic features which should be evaluated while making the purchase.

Jug Size And Material

You will have to consider this feature as a large jug will be too much for a single person and a small one will not suffice for a big family. The maximum size available in most models is 2L, which is capable of serving 4-6 glasses of smoothies. Some jugs are made of glass and others are of plastic. If you are a clumsy worker with butterfingers, opt for the BPA-free plastic ones. The single-serve jugs are useful if you want to make smoothies for just one person.

Cleaning Procedure

Some of the jugs come with a fixed blade so it becomes difficult to clean the bottom of the product. You must look for dishwasher-safe jugs or the ones which have detachable blades for health and hygiene. If you end up buying one with a fixed blade, you can clean it by pouring hot water and a few drops of liquid detergent in the jug and then turning on the blender. Also, when buying a dishwasher-safe brand, make sure that the jug is of the same size which can easily fit into your cleaning appliance.

Control Panel

The two main controls in all the blenders are pulse and speed which can be controlled manually. If you want the best blender in the market, you can get the one with more speed settings and power higher than 800 Watts to make even smoothies. Pulse is required for thrusting power in short bursts when the jug is not filled to its maximum capacity. It helps in distributing the ingredients for desired thickness. The wattage usually lies between 500 and 1200 Watts so choose accordingly.


Electronics tend to breakdown after rigorous use and need maintenance services. Thus you must look for products that come with long-term warranties for parts and performance to ensure a high return on investment.

The Best Blenders for Smoothies

It is not easy to pick a blender by just knowing its type. You need to understand its functions and features to make the purchase. Here is a review of the best blenders for smoothies in Australia which will help you to make an informed decision.

Nutri Ninja BL450ANZMN Nutrient Extractor

If you are looking for a sleek benchtop machine that appears stylish and doesn’t take up much space, then this is your best bet. It has Ninja Pro Extractor blades that allow crushing of seeds, ice, and stems to create silky smoothies without any lumps. It can be used to make smoothies with frozen fruits as frozen blending is one of its publicised features. It has two cup attachments of 500 and 650 ml capacity and sip and seal lids. The powerful machine does not destroy the nutrients present in the fruits and veggies and works at 900 Watts. You will also get a 30 recipe guide book along with the blender to create some magic in the kitchen. The small size should not dampen your spirits. It is quite capable when it comes to functionality. The single-serve model is affordable and has all the basic features you will need to create tasty smoothies.

Nutri Ninja BL642ANZMN Nutrient Extractor Processor

If you do not want to put much thought and effort into the blending process, then buying this Nutri Ninja model will be a good choice. It comes with an auto-iQ technology which allows timed and intelligent blending so that you do not have to assume things. The extra large size jug has a 2L capacity which can crush ice in seconds with the help of 1500 Watt power. You can easily blend whole fruits, ice, seeds and nuts without eliminating their nutrients. You get small, regular and jumbo cups with sip and seal lids that can be utilised for making smoothies or carrying them along or having drinks on-the-go or just for storing beverages in the refrigerator. You can also make your breakfast special and wholesome with its 75 recipe cookbook.

NutriBullet 1200W 12-Piece Pack

This is another compact machine which comes with a range of attachments for diverse functions. The brand name is well-recognised and highly publicised which makes it popular among the masses. The company has been offering world-class personal blenders with great performance capacity. It has a powerful 1200 Watt high torque motor and pre-programmed auto blast cycles. The mechanism allows the machine to pulse and stop automatically after the ingredients are completely crushed into a smoothie. It has the capability of pulverising even the toughest of ingredients and has many accessories. It has an additional stainless steel cup which keeps the liquid cold for up to 8 hours. You will get a user guide and recipe along with it make the most of the blender.

Sunbeam OU-New Blender – PB8080

The Sunbeam PB8080 model is an ideal kitchen companion for large families as it comes with a 2L capacity jug. So you can make smoothies for the whole family in just one shot and save a lot of time. It has a two-way blade that spins in opposite directions which ensures that the ingredients come into the vortex and are crushed in an appropriate manner to make an even smoothie. The speed settings can be changed as per the ingredients and the machine doesn’t skid while rotating due to the presence of anti-skid feet.

Breville The Boss Blender – BBL915BAL

Breville is a well-recognised and trusted brand in Australia and is fitted with ProKinetix Blade and Bowl System consisting of 3 blades fixed to the jug’s base. The world-class functionality allows powerful cutting and processing of the ingredients. The digital display provides information about the speed and pre-programmed settings for controlling the blending process. The best part about this blender is that you can easily clean the area around the blades due to its auto clean function. It even has a pause button to stop if required and check on the liquid and then resume blending. Thus you can keep the consistency as per your preference. The sealed lid is easy to take off and stays in place during the blending process.

Optimum 9200A (2nd Generation) Blender

This powerful machine has a 2611 Watt motor that makes it more robust than other variants in the segment. It can quickly crush fruits, nuts, ice, seeds, and veggies. It is ideal for making smoothies and nut butters. The 2L jug is more than sufficient for a family of 4-6 members and can be used for both wet and dry blending. The BPA free jug and stainless steel blades eliminate the probability of problems arising from the use of low-grade plastic. Due to its high speed, it can complete the task quickly and efficiently. The control panel is user-friendly and has speed and timer settings and a pulse button specifically for crushing tougher ingredients and making smoothies of green leafy vegetables. The advantage of buying this blender is that Optimum offers a 30-day free trial of the appliance and 5-year warranty on motor and parts.

Vitamix Ascent High-Performance Blender 065302

The Vitamix model is available in four colours and is compact like all other blenders and has no separate attachments. The manual control panel allows you to set the pulse and speed as per your requirement and maintain the consistency as per your taste. There is an in-built digital timer if you are not an expert at blending. The wireless connectivity of the motor base self-detects the size of the container and adjusts the settings. You will get a 2L container in this model which will allow making large quantities of smoothies at a given time. The product comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts and covers performance and labour costs. Vitamix is a well-known company which promises restaurant-quality smoothies. It is a long-lasting product which can help make hot soups within the container due to the friction of the blades. You can also make ice-creams and sorbets in seconds. The only downside is the hefty price.

Kenwood kMix, Blender 1.6L, BLX750CR

The unique feature of this Kenwood blender is its glass goblet which is thermo-resistant so you can easily use hot and cold ingredients in the jug without the risk of cracking. Plus, the health conscious people can rejoice on the use of glass instead of plastic which is considered a hazard for the environment and the health of humans. Another striking feature is the removable blade for effective cleaning of the jug. The 1.6L capacity jug is big enough to be utilised for hot liquids up to 1.2L in volume. You can adjust the speed to get the thickness you desire and the jug is dishwasher-safe so you can get it cleaned without much hassle. The vented cap is ideal for blending hot ingredients as it lets off the steam. The glass goblet is fitted with blending ribs which push the ingredients over the blades and enhance the performance of the appliance.

Cuisinart CPB-300A Portable Compact Blender and Chopping System

Although it is more than a blender, it is added to the list because of its ability to whisk up some mouth-watering smoothies. This all-purpose blender comes with a chopping system and is not too big for any kitchen. The sleek machine has an electronic touchpad with LED lights that can control the speed and pulse. It has an inbuilt auto stop feature along with a standby mode and safety interlock which makes it safe for household purposes. The patented ultra sharp stainless steel blades can make delicious smoothies and the chopping cup is perfect for mincing herbs and grinding flax. You can come up with your own smoothies and take them along effortlessly in the four Tritan travel cups. The jug and cups are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe as well as shatter resistant, so you can relax and use them without any hassles.

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender

This is an expensive appliance to own but has some amazing features which make it worth the price. The most appealing attribute of this next-generation product is that it saves a lot of time since there is no need of chopping or dicing the ingredients. It has a touch screen control panel and is known for reduced motor noise. The BPA-free jug can hold 36 ounces of liquid or dry ingredients and blends like a dream. It is perfect for families with 4-6 members. You can make use of an additional small jug if you want to make a single smoothie. The machine has a patented blade which is considered 80% thicker and provides silky smooth blends. You can manually control the consistency of the beverage and the machine has four pre-programmed cycles, speed touch sliders, pulse, etc. The intuitive LCD display touch screen makes it user-friendly and super stylish.

Davis & Waddell Essentials Electric Food Processor/Personal Blender

This multi-purpose machine works as a blender as well as a food processor. If you don’t have either at home, then you can opt for this model to get both within your budget. The 1.2L capacity food processor can effectively mix, chop, grind and blend. The personal blender is ideal for making single serve smoothies at home without any problems. The accessories include two 570ml travel tritan bottles with silicone grip and sip and seal lids. It can even crush ice and nuts and has 500 Watt power which can blend both fruits and vegetables to even consistency. It is an ideal purchase for busy people who don’t have much time to cook or prepare healthy meals.

How To Make Healthy Smoothies?

From the drool-worthy mango and banana smoothies to the nutrition-loaded kale and avocado smoothies, there are so many varieties to make. However, the right way of making smoothies requires understanding the procedure in a detailed manner. You must begin the process by pouring around two cups of the liquid base into the jug. You can use milk, yoghurt, soya milk, almond milk or coconut water or milk as per your taste and preference. Now add a three-fourth cupful of fruits that need to be blended. You can utilise some bananas as they are helpful in rendering a creamy thickness to the beverage and go well with most other fruit flavours. You can use the all-time favourite berries, grated beetroot, chopped apples and pears, carrots, peaches, melons, spinach etc. Blend all the ingredients till you reach the consistency that you want and then add a few teaspoons of honey or maple syrup if it is too tangy or bland for your tastebuds.

If it is summertime and you are looking for a refreshing cooler, then add some ice cubes in the blender and whip up some mouth-watering fruity liquid. The combinations that work wonders with kids include mango and berries, coconut and banana, berry blast, pineapple and mint, kale and cherries, apple and avocado, strawberry and kiwi, etc. If you are still learning to make a smoothie, you can rely on the best blenders which come with recipe and guide books to help you with the choices of flavours and assemblage and use of the machine.

Tips For Regular Smoothie Guzzlers

  • Use frozen fruits to make chilled smoothies which retain all the nutrition. So there is no need to add ice which makes the drink watery or changes its consistency.
  • Bananas have the tendency to turn brown as soon as they are peeled. So you must peel and cut them into slices and then place them on baking parchment and store them in the freezer till they are hardened. These can be then stored in ziplock bags and used to make smoothies whenever required.
  • You can freeze even those fruits which are not considered ideal for freezing to make yummy smoothies.
  • You make some changes to the texture of the drink by adding flaxseeds, whole oats or chopped nuts. These are healthy as well as delicious options.
  • If you want to experiment a little more with the taste, you can try adding a spoon of cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder or vanilla essence to enjoy aromatic and appetising smoothies.
  • For the gym enthusiasts who love to have their protein shake after a rigorous workout, you can create a powerful mixture of protein powder, peanut butter and tofu.

Advantages of Consuming Smoothies

There are several advantages of making smoothies a part of your daily diet. The most significant benefit of a blender is that it reduces the time spent in making a snack. You can quickly put fruits in the blender, add some base liquid and whip up terrific smoothies. Additionally, children can’t keep their hands away from thick and tasty smoothies that have their fruits and colours. A blender gives you ample room to experiment with a variety of ingredients and create a new smoothie recipe everyday to delight your loved ones. It is especially vital for people who can’t have breakfast at home. The smoothies can be made in seconds and carried along to avoid hunger. Let us start listing the health benefits for you.

Keeps Your Tummy Full

Often the breaks between meals are long, and we tend to get hungry in the evening, a few hours before the dinner is served. Instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, you can always go for a freshly blended smoothie loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plus the thick beverage keeps your tummy full.

Weight Loss Recommendation

If you are trying to lose weight, then smoothies can help you immensely as the pulp of the fruits and vegetables is filled with enzymes that help in removing fat and improving metabolism. It is even helpful in keeping depression at bay. You can keep ailments like heart disorders away by making smoothies laden with whole oats and exercising regularly.

Increases Antioxidants Intake

Fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, strawberries, goji, raspberries and kale are some of the best suppliers of antioxidants. They are helpful in avoiding the ill-effects of free radicals which are produced due to exposure to tobacco and smoke or when food is broken down in the body. Antioxidants are also useful in keeping the growth of carcinogens under check so the risk of developing cancer gets reduced.

Avoid Sugar Filled Alternatives

The best part about owning a blender and making scrumptious smoothies is that you can say goodbye to the sugar laden packaged fruit juices available in the supermarkets. These are not only filled with sugar but also contain preservatives which are not good for your kids and family members.

Increases Fluid Intake

In summers, it is important to stay hydrated. You might not like drinking plain water again and again. Thus you can start blending smoothies to ensure that you are getting enough fluids throughout the day. Also, if you include ingredients containing Omega-3 Fatty Acids like coconuts, it can aid in enhancing attentiveness.

Enjoy Fabulous Skin

Spots and fines lines are common with advancing age but you can delay their appearance by maintaining a healthy diet which combines fruits and vegetables. These provide ample amounts of antioxidants and nutrients that help in collagen production and lead to soft and supple skin. You must include citric fruits, nuts and low-carb ingredients in your smoothies to maintain that youthful glow.

Boost Bone Health

Smoothies are filled with calcium, Vitamin D3 and K which help in enhancing bone strength. You must include more green leafy vegetables like spinach and citric fruits to the recipe to gain the maximum benefit of bone health offered by these beverages.

Improves Digestion

Constipation and upset bowels can transform a good day into a bad one. Fibre aids in digestion and excretion and it is abundantly present in healthy smoothies made at home with the best blender in Australia. So gift yourself some good health by adding this drink in your regular diet. Juicing eliminates the pulp which has all the fibre. Thus switching to smoothies is a beneficial change for the good health of your family.

Safety Advice From Experts

Sometimes you are so absentminded or in hurry that you forget to put the lid and turn on the blender. It can result in a disaster with the whole kitchen dripping in the ingredients including you. So you must be alert while using the blender and follow the below mentioned safety measures.

  • Avoid blending piping hot ingredients in the blender as the mechanism of the machine will further churn the raw materials that will produce steam. When you open the lid, you can get your fingers burned. So cool such ingredients for a few minutes before putting them in the blender.
  • Don’t keep blending for long intervals to gain a smooth consistency. It can lead to overheating of the machine and reduce its shelf life.
  • Make sure that the power cord is secure and away from the reach of the children. The handheld stick should be kept away from the reach of young kids. If the power cord is frayed, then replace it immediately to avoid any mishaps.
  • Never use a spatula to clean the base of the jug when it is connected to power. You might accidentally press the touch screen buttons or push buttons and end up ruining your blender. So make sure that it is not connected to electricity while cleaning.
  • Clean the blades and the base of the jug thoroughly after each use as leftover foods can accumulate and become a breeding ground for bacteria. It can defeat the whole purpose of consuming healthy drinks so maintain clean blenders.


Blending is not a challenging task but finding the best blender in Australia is definitely an overwhelming task. So make use of the guide given above and get the blender which suits your sensibilities and lifestyle perfectly. Including smoothies in your diet can bring the lifestyle change that you have been craving for a long time.

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