Best Dishwasher To Buy In 2024

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Cleaning dishes after every meal is a harrowing task when you have spent a lot of time cooking and serving. It takes away the contentment of enjoying a sumptuous meal with family and friends and leaves you frustrated. The pile of dirty dishes in the sink can easily turn you off and make you feel burdened. Most of us imagine moving a magic wand and making the dishes disappear. Although it happens only in sitcoms, dishwashers can make this dream come true with their efficient and effortless cleaning.

Using the appliance requires a little preparation, but the comfort of getting the dishes cleaned in the machine is unmatched. According to recent estimates, 58% of Australian households had a dishwasher in 2023, which allows them to do away with the laborious task of cleaning. It eliminates the time-consuming task of hand washing and scrubbing greasy or burnt utensils. Whether you are making a cake or using the slow cooker to keep your meal hot, you will have plenty of dishes to clean. It is impossible to run away from this chore or ignore it for a while because you need clean dishes to eat at least three times a day.

Families with young children have to clean a lot of glasses, cups, plates and pots during the day because of the different food items prepared and consumed by kids of different age groups. It can become challenging to cleaning when you have your hands full with professional work or tendering to your children. Working mothers find it especially painful to deal with the task. Thus, most of them rely on a high-performing dishwasher that saves time, water and effort. If you are also looking for this appliance to make your life easy, here is a complete guide to buying the best dishwasher in 2024.

What Is A Dishwasher and How Does It Work?

A dishwasher is a highly coveted kitchen appliance in modern households that helps to automate the task of cleaning the dishes. It is similar to using a washing machine for clothes. It requires loading the machine with the dirty dishes into their separate racks and then adding detergent. The next step is to set the washing cycle and find the dishes cleaned to perfection.

The process of dishwashing can take 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the chosen settings. During this period, the basin positioned at the base of the appliance gets filled with water. The pre-wash session begins soon after with the spraying of the dishes with water through the spray arms that move inside the dishwasher. The next step is the heating of the water to the precise temperature selected by the user while setting the cycle.

The machine then releases the detergent, which gets mixed with the hot water and is splashed on the dishes to clean all the grease, debris, burnt food remnants, oil, etc. The dishwasher drains the dirty water and uses fresh water to rinse the dishes once again and remove the detergent completely. The machine then drains the rinsing water, and its heating system dries up the utensils. You can then remove the dishes after the end of the cycle and use them for eating or place them in the Kitchen cabinets right away.

Different Types of Dishwashers

Besides the numerous brands available in the market, there are different types of dishwashers based on their size and integration in the kitchen. They type you must purchase will depend upon your kitchen and budget. The common types are mentioned below:

1. Freestanding Dishwashers

These are the most popular options among renters in Australia because they can be moved easily. They do not get integrated with the kitchen benchtop and can be placed anywhere, even in the laundry.

2. Benchtop Dishwashers

The benchtop dishwashers are small-sized machines that can be placed on the benchtop in the kitchen. These portable machines do not require plumbing for installation. Therefore, they are popular among small families and renters.

3. Drawer Dishwashers

As the name suggests, they are shaped like drawers and are quite small in size. They are perfect for students or working professionals living alone as they cannot handle a big load.

4. Built-In Dishwashers

Most houseowners prefer a built-in dishwasher that gets installed into the kitchen cabinet area under the benchtop. An upgraded version of these is the integrated dishwashers that match the colour scheme of the kitchen cabinets and do not look like an odd enhancement.

Best Dishwasher To Buy In Australia In 2024

Dishwashers are the most useful appliance in the kitchen because of their ability to reduce the workload of the family members involved in the backbreaking task of cleaning. However, buying the appliance needs careful research and comparison of different variants and brands available in the market. Let us help to make the choice easy by listing the top-rated dishwashers of 2024.

1. Bosch Serie 8 Freestanding Dishwasher

Scrubbing dishes every day will become a thing of the past when you buy the most popular dishwasher in Australia. The Bosch Serie 8 freestanding appliance 60 cm model comes with Zeolith drying technology and a TFT display with HD colours. The German-made appliance is priced at $2199 in Australia and has an automatic door-opening feature after drying. The improved version offers a third basket for cutlery and small utensils. Its Max Flex Pro baskets hold the dishes safely during the cleaning cycle. The best part of the smart appliance is the Home Connect feature that allows the user to start, stop and accelerate the process with the help of their Smartphone or voice assistance. With a 4.1 star rating on Product Review, this dishwasher has become the top favourite of Australians. Its other unique features include a quiet washing cycle, an anti-fingerprint surface of the machine and the intensive wash of heavily soiled items with three rotating water nozzles.

2. Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwasher

Bosch has become the leading brand in this category, with its latest models generating the maximum hype in the industry. Customers are vying for this more affordable variant from Bosch which is priced at $1799. The Series 6 freestanding dishwasher comes with an ExtraDry feature that offers additional drying that ensures complete drying of the plastic items. The height-adjustable top basket allows you to accommodate all dishes easily, and the heavy-duty cleaning removes all the stains and grime. The 44dB machine offers a quiet cleaning, and the Home Connect feature helps to use it comfortably with smart devices. With a 4-star rating on Product Review, the appliance has made the lives of working mothers and professionals with less time on hand quite easy. The energy-efficient machine has 15 place settings and eight wash programs that can make its utilisation even more comfortable. Another interesting feature of the machine is the 24-hour delay-start option that allows users to set it to work through the night when they are not at home.

3. Miele G5000 Freestanding Dishwasher

Miele appliances are the prime adornments of a high-end home. It G5000 freestanding dishwasher is one such machine that is known for quality and affordability. Priced at $1,449, the appliance offers a QuickPowerWash feature that offers the best cleaning in less than 60 minutes. It is also an energy-saving machine that is helpful in reducing wastage of water. The 60 cm dishwasher has five wash programs that include auto, gentle and intensive. The Thermo Save feature ensures that you do not have to worry about energy and water consumption with this sustainable machine. The baskets have been designed meticulously to fit all shapes and sizes of kitchen items. The flexibility of the baskets makes cleaning easy and quick. It also has inlets for hot and cold water to meet the needs of different users. It is a safe machine for households with children as it comes with a child lock, fault indicator and overflow protection. With a 3.8 star rating on Product Review, it is a decent purchase for busy households.

4. Westinghouse WSF6606 Series

The stainless steel freestanding dishwasher is one of the top-rated dishwashers in Australia because of its water-saving functionality. Eco-conscious customers have been vying for this product that comes with 15-place settings to manage all types of loads. It also has a30-minute super fast program that helps to clean dishes quickly when you are in a hurry. The active drying system removes all the water droplets and prevents staining of utensils. The display showcases the time remaining of the cycle and helps you manage your chores effectively. Priced at $799, this machine is super cost-effective and offers silent operations. The top basket is adjustable and eases the fitting of different types of utensils in the dishwasher. The safety features include AquaStop and anti-flood protection that make it safe for household use. The appliance has a 3.7 star rating on Product Review and is the perfect family-size dishwasher.

5. Beko BDF 1410 Freestanding Dishwasher

The Beko BDF 1410 freestanding dishwasher has a 13.8-litre water capacity and 14 place settings with 60 cm depth and 59.8 cm width. The full-size machine has a stainless steel fingerprint-free body that makes minimal noise. The adjustable upper rack helps to fit big and bulky items, as well as glasses with long with long stems. The lower rack can easily fit large-sized pots and pans with the help of the Easy Fold Plate Support. The dishwasher has a 3.8-star rating on Product Review and is known for its ease of handling and value for money. Its detergent dispenser has a sliding lid that makes adding the product easy. The affordable dishwasher can be bought for $649 and has a WELS water rating of 4 stars and a 3.5 Energy Star Rating. The machine also provides the convenience of delaying the start cycle by 3, 6 or 9 hours to match the needs of the user.

6. Omega ODW101W Benchtop Dishwasher

The 55 cm freestanding benchtop dishwasher is a compact machine that can be quickly installed and used without any hassles. It can also be used as a built-in machine by connecting with the kitchen faucet. It comes with six place settings and has six wash programs, including intensive, normal, rapid and heavy. The size of plates that can fit into the basket is 25 cm, and the maximum water temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius. The 4.3-star rating dishwasher is priced at $699 and comes with two years warranty period. Its WELS water rating stands at 3.5 stars, and its energy rating at 2.5 stars. It is a perfect addition to modern homes with limited dishwashing needs and small families. The higher variants from the brand also offer ten-place settings and provide extra height to accommodate large pots and pans. The capacity and price should be kept in mind while choosing the right option.

7. Fisher & Paykel Single DishDrawer

If you are looking for a compact dishwasher, the Fisher & Paykel Single DishDrawer is the best option. Priced at $1,399, the machine is small but can fit large plates and can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. It includes a flexible racking system that helps the user to accommodate utensils and load small to heavy items. The machine is rated positively with 3.5 stars on Product Review. It has six wash programs and requires minimal bending because of its drawer-like design. It can be placed at the height of the benchtop to reduce bending while loading and unloading the dishes. It is a convenient product for seniors and older people who have back problems and find it challenging to use other dishwashers. It has a 3.5-star energy rating and consumes 6.9 litres of water per wash cycle, which offers it a water efficiency of 4.5 stars. It has decent noise levels that make operations quiet. The brand offers several variants in this design ranging from $1300 to $2299. Buyers must compare each model before investing in the product.

8. Midea Mini Portable Benchtop Dishwasher

Many students and young professionals who live away from homes have to manage a lot of household chores along with their studies and jobs. However, they do not have the budget to purchase a dishwasher. They can opt for a small and portable machine that can be placed on the bench top and has a rapid 29-minute cycle. Priced at $499, the Midea Mini Portable dishwasher has a fan drying system and an insulated water tank for maximum safety. The 5-litre capacity machine has six wash programs and 3 place settings. It does not require plumbing for installation and can be used in rented units and condos perfectly. Weighing 16 kg, the freestanding machine has a 58 dB noise level and a 3-star water rating. The machine has a 3.6-star rating on Product Review.

9. Smeg DWA6314 Series Dishwasher

The freestanding Smeg DWA6314 series dishwashers have become highly sought-after because of their build quality and ease of handling. The machine has several variants in the DWA6314 series of freestanding dishwashers. All of them come with 14 place settings and features like a child lock and height-adjustable upper rack. The water rating for Smeg DWA6314B2 and DWA6314B (Black) is 5.5 stars, while the remaining models in the series are 4.5 stars. They all have an energy rating of 3.5 stars and offer a two-year warranty. The Smeg DWA6314B2 is priced at $1,390, while the most expensive model is the Smeg DWA6314X at $1,890. The series has a rating of 3.3 on Product Review and is loved for its configuration among consumers. Also, the low noise level is a plus point that attracts many customers.

10. Haier HDW13V1

The Haier dishwasher has six wash programs and 13 place settings with a height-adjustable upper rack. What sets it apart from its equivalents is its 4.5-star WELS water rating. The auto wash sensing technology identifies the extent of filth on the dishes and sets the machine in ideal settings for optimum cleaning. It helps to reduce the wastage of water and energy. Priced at $629, the dishwasher has functions like a key lock and delay start function to clean dishes according to your requirements. The LED display panel has soft buttons and offers ease of use. It has a 4.5-star water rating and a 3-star energy rating. Customers who have used the product have appreciated it with a rating of 3.8 on Product Review and rated its ease of use highly.

Factors to Consider While Buying A Dishwasher

Dishwashers should be bought after thoughtful consideration of their specifications. Most brands have similar features, but a few of them must be included in the machine for effective cleaning. Let us look at them.

1. Capacity of the Dishwasher

The appliance is available in various sizes ranging from 8 to 16 place settings. These help to understand the size of the machine and its capacity to hold a large number of utensils. For example, the 8-place setting machine can hold 8 sets of dishes, which include plates, cutlery, bowls, etc. So, choose the size that will suit your requirements and your family size.

Families with more than 2-3 members must opt for 12 to 16-place settings. If you are buying a built-in dishwasher, ensure that its height can be accommodated under the benchtop. Otherwise, it will not be able to fit under the benchtop. It is best to buy a built-in dishwasher when you are renovating the kitchen or constructing a house.

2. Wash Cycle Programs

The wash cycles vary in different models and brands. The minimum wash cycles for effective cleaning are three – pre wash for debris removal, main wash with detergent and final rinsing to remove soap residue. However, these are the basic cycles, and the latest machines have up to eight wash cycles to make the operations easier for the user. The delayed wash cycle is one of the important features needed by urban professionals who are too busy.

It helps to set the machine to start the wash cycle automatically at the programmed time, which can range from three to nine hours or more. Also, some dishwashers have a quick cycle that helps to clean dishes in less than an hour to save time when you are in a hurry. Thus, you must choose the number of cycles according to your needs.

3. Energy and Water Consumption

Sustainability is the need of the hour, and it is vital to invest in kitchen appliances that are energy efficient and reduce water consumption. Using a dishwasher is more eco-friendly than hand washing, which leads to wasting of water. The detergents used in these machines are usually non-polluting and save the water bodies from the accumulation of chemicals.

To ensure you are making an eco-conscious decision, you must check the Energy Star rating for energy efficiency and WELS water rating. Ideally, you must purchase a six-star dishwasher with 14 place settings to maximise water conservation. The three-star rating appliances consume much more water. The Energy Star ratings must be above three to reduce the power bill and protect the environment.

4. Stacking Options in the Dishwasher

While purchasing a dishwasher, you must consider the size of utensils that can fit into the different compartments and baskets. Many of the premium brands have a height-adjustable upper rack that offers the flexibility to include large plates and pots. So, the rack does not have to be removed and can be adjusted with a simple lift.

Many of the machines offer a separate basket or tray for cutlery and sharp items like forks. It is essential to look for this feature if you have the habit of carelessly scouring for items after the wash cycle is over. Also, ensure the flexible racks have quick-release clips on their sides to make the handling trouble-free.

5. Safety Features for Dishwashers

Since kitchen appliances consume power and water, they are prone to accidents and faults. Thus, it is vital to own machines that are tested for safety. The most important one among them is fault display. It informs the user about problems with dispensing of detergent or blocking of the spray arms that affect cleaning. The notification can help to avert bigger issues and get the machine serviced at the right time.

Households with inquisitive children and toddlers must opt for dishwashers with child locks to keep the little ones safe from harm while the wash cycle is going on. Another feature that helps to make the machine safe is the anti-flood protection system. It ensures that the water at the base of the dishwasher does not rise above the prescribed level to cause overflowing.

6. Additional Features for Comfort

Since devices like smart baby monitors have taken the world by storm, most customers want smart appliances in their homes. If you are among them, you must buy a dishwasher with a home connectivity feature that helps start, stop and delay the wash cycle using your Smartphone or voice assistant at home.

Another intelligent specification is the auto-sensing of the level of dirt on the dishes. It makes the machine choose the water temperature and length of the cycle according to the severity of the dirt. However, these functions are available in expensive models. The lower-end models require manual setting of the water temperature and wash cycle.

How to Use a Dishwasher?

If you are buying a dishwasher and will be using it for the first time, you must read the instructions manual carefully. It is essential to maintain the efficiency of the appliance and get the best results. Follow the tips below while using the dishwasher.


1. Wait for a Full Load to Start the Machine

Placing a few utensils in a big dishwasher will waste power and water. Also, you will have to run the machine several times during the day. Thus, it is better to use it once a day. Usually, it should be operated after all the meals are over and cooking is done for the day so that you will not have any more dirty dishes. So, run full loads and use the adjustable racks to fit the large items.


2. Scrape the Dishes and Avoid Rinsing

Before loading the dishwasher, it is vital to scrape off the debris and leftover food. However, do not rinse the dishes with water. It will make the utensils cleaner, and the machine will not be able to identify the extent of dirt. The auto sensors will not detect the grease and use a slower wash cycle, which may not be efficient in removing the oil and stains. Thus, avoid pre-soaking or rinsing.


3. Load the Utensils in Correct Order

The dirty dishes must be placed in an organised manner. The larger items must be placed in the bottom basket with maximum space, and they should be upside down to allow the spray nozzles to do a perfect job. The plates and cutlery must be placed in their specific trays with space between them to ensure proper cleaning. The crockery and glasses must be placed at an angle to avoid cracking or breaking during the cycle. Make sure the plastic bowls and cups are secure in their position to prevent them from rolling over the fragile items and leading to breakage.


4. Add the Detergent and Set the Cycle

Find the right dishwashing detergent for the machine and use the amount mentioned in the user’s manual. Do not add extra to clean better. It can leave soap residue on the dishes and make your family sick. Run the wash cycle according to the condition of the dishes. If you have a minimal amount of dirt on the plates and cups, you can use a quick wash. On the other hand, if you have greasy dishes or burnt food remnants on the pots, you need to run an intense wash to remove the entire debris and oil residue.

How to Maintain the Dishwasher Effectively?

Dishwashers need maintenance and cleaning like the oven or other appliances in the kitchen. They must be cleaned after two months of regular use to keep them hygienic and sanitised for placing utensils. The removable part of the dishwasher must be removed for deep cleaning of the machine such as its racks and baskets. It helps to eliminate the accumulation of dirt and debris at the bottom and clean the trays effectively in the sink.

Make sure to clean the spray nozzles and corners that get covered in muck. Do not forget the filter that must be removed and cleaned with soap and warm water. It must be cleaned twice a month if the dishwasher is used every day and once a month for less frequent utilisation. The task becomes easier when you place a cup filled with white vinegar at the bottom of an empty dishwasher and run a hot water cycle.

The next step is to remove the cup, sprinkle baking soda on the base, and run the quick cycle. Wipe the interiors and the exterior with a clean cloth to dry the machine and remove fingerprint marks. The process will also remove bad odours coming from the dishwasher and give a hygienic unit to use.

Which Items cannot be cleaned in The Dishwasher?

While putting the kitchen items in the appliance, you must check if they are dishwasher-safe or not. Also, some items are entirely prohibited and these include wooden, iron and aluminium utensils. In addition, metals like gold, silver, bronze and copper cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. Other items that cannot be loaded are non-stick cookware, knives, delicate chinaware, crystal items, insulated pitchers, cups and plates with designs and colours, and heat-sensitive plastic items. So, make sure you load the dishwasher correctly to avoid damage to items that are not allowed inside the machine.

Wrapping Up

Dishwashers are highly recommended for big families and busy working professionals who do not have the time and energy to do the dishes after a long day. Thus, if you are planning to invest in a good appliance, make sure to look at the top-rated results given above to choose the best option.

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