A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Best Baby Monitor in Australia

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The arrival of your little bundle of joy is the most precious moment. Those two sleepy eyes looking at you and the little clasp of their hands on your finger make the pain and wait worth it. When you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you become their protector and vow to give them the best of everything. The instinct of a being a parent takes over and it overpowers everything else.

Whether you are gearing up to bring the baby home or have already tucked him/her in the cot, you have entered the panic mode. The fear of missing out starts looming large. You don’t want to skip the first smile or the first sounds of gaga…go-go coming out of their mouths. Everything seems magical and every moment is frame-worthy. Also, with the emotions and hormones in overdrive, you are always thinking about checking on them even when they are sleeping or when you are away from home. If you are finding it tough to keep track of everything with all the work and sleepless nights, you can always rely on the revolutionary technological invention called baby monitors. Giving all the protective and zealous mums and dads a feeling of respite, these incredible devices have made it possible to observe your child 24/7.

They provide the ultimate solace to an anxious parent. From providing a sharp night vision camera to remote live streaming and diaper changing alerts, these amazing gadgets are a must-have for all the superdads and supermoms trying to find some rest in their busy schedules. However, there are so many of them in the market that you are often spoilt for choice. Making your life a little less arduous is this comprehensive baby monitor buying guide. It will help you to find the best fit for your home and family by comparing all the vital features of popular brands. So let us take a look at the list of the best baby monitors to buy in 2020 in Australia. Before we move ahead with the list, here are the different types of baby monitors available in supermarkets.

Different Types of Baby Monitors

Audio Baby Monitors

As the name suggests, this is the most basic type of baby monitor which offers just an audio output. So you can hear your baby crying at night or cooing in his room if he/she is up. This is a pocket-friendly option for parents who are facing the financial burden after the arrival of the new member. If you get the high-quality ones, you will hear only the sounds of the baby as they cancel all the background noise and static. Some of these audio baby monitors have a light-up bar graph that indicates the level of noise being made by the little one. So you can get the alert even if they are muted.

Digital Baby Monitors

The digital audio monitors come with the advantage of offering an output over a distance. The range can go up to 165 feet in the best baby monitor models. The transmission is encrypted so other devices cannot pick the sound coming from the baby room. They are a bit expensive than audio monitors since they provide better sound quality and security.

Video Baby Monitors

These are a step ahead of the audio devices as they provide a visual of your baby in his crib. Some of these provide only video streaming and no sound output. However, the best baby monitors come with both audio and video output. The high-tech models offer night vision mode and a high-resolution camera which offers amazing picture quality and close monitoring.

Smart Baby Monitors

We live in a time where our mobile phones, TV, lights, refrigerators and other devices have become smart. The latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled baby monitors have also become modernised to keep pace with the changing times. You can now access the audio and video on your Smartphones by downloading an app. These also measure the vitals of the child, such as breathing rate and can be highly beneficial in case of children with some breathing-related ailments. You can view the streaming from anywhere if you have a Wi-Fi connection. However, you must remember that if you are using mobile data to view your child remotely from the office or outside, then it is going to add some cost to your monthly mobile bill.

Best Baby Monitors Available in the Country in 2020

iBaby Care M7 Lite Video Baby Monitor

If you are a working mother, it is normal to feel the guilt of not spending time with your baby. However, you can keep a watchful eye on them with the help of the best baby monitor in Australia. The iBaby Care M7 Lite is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device comes with 1080p full HD video resolution and infrared night vision. Its exceptional video and sound quality make it a cut above the rest. Its plus point is its 360-degree pan and 140-degree tilt that allows you to get a panoramic view of the baby’s room and track any change or danger in the environment. It comes with a two-way speaker that can be utilised to calm a cranky baby by talking to them even if you are at work. It has some pre-recorded white noise, nature sounds, bedtime stories and lullabies that can further help in putting the baby at ease when you are busy. The gadget has sensors that can identify changes in motion, air quality, sound, humidity, temperature and send a notification on your mobile phone to alert you. The best part is its smell sensor which can help in detecting a soiled nappy and inform you that it’s time to change the diaper. It is a value for money purchase and comes loaded with all the required features.

Arlo Baby Monitor – HD Monitor and Camera

Offering a 1080p HD quality viewing experience, it is a multi-tasking baby monitor with all the features you can imagine. The Wi-Fi-enabled smart baby monitor can be connected with Alexa, Echo Spot and Echo Show. The two-way talking feature makes it possible to talk back to your baby from anywhere so that the little one can be reassured that you are nearby. Your voice can work like magic in calming down a crying baby. You can also record a lullaby in your voice for your baby and there are several in-built ones to soothe the child. Besides the rich picture quality, it comes with an advanced night vision which allows parents to check on the baby in dark of the night. The bunny-shaped device is also capable of sending motion, sound and air quality alerts on your Smartphone. Other interesting features include a multi-coloured night light option, music player and temperature and air sensors. You can control it remotely as well. This is undoubtedly one of the best baby monitors out there with its plethora of features and superior quality. The downside is that you need a robust internet connection so that the device doesn’t get disconnected. Other problems faced by the users are no availability of a 360-degree view and only 3 hours of battery life.

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

Although this is an expensive device, it has its own advantages that make it indispensable for couples whose babies are suffering from some respiratory ailments. The most significant attribute of the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor is its ability to monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels of the baby when they are sleeping. It consists of clinically-proven pulse oximetry which alerts parents if the oxygen levels are imbalanced. The device comes with a wearable sock, which can be easily slipped on to the feet of infants in the age group of 0-18 months. The washable sock is wrapped around the foot of the baby and is connected to a base station kept at a distance of 100ft through Bluetooth. Parents can view the vitals of the child on their Smartphones through the Owlet’s app. The product is HSA and FSA approved and is a blessing for worried parents. The base station lights up and rings an alarm if there is something wrong and you have not checked the app on your phone. A downside of this device is that it has no audio or video streaming and has sometimes sent false alarms.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

The design of the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor makes it a popular choice among consumers. It can be easily attached to the baby’s cot or mounted on the wall as per your requirement. Also, it is available in three different soft colours with a toxic-free silicone body. It provides just one second latency with a strong Wi-Fi connection and the company pays for the cloud service too. It can easily pick up noise and crying of the baby and offers a clear view of the images. It can even detect if the baby is trying to jump out of the cot or when the temperature, air-quality or humidity in the room is not suitable for the child. It has built-in lullabies and womb sounds that are beneficial for pacifying a weeping baby.

VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video Monitor

The VTech VM9900 baby monitor gives a high-definition pan and tilt view which can be accessed remotely using Wi-Fi. The 5-inch colour viewer comes with touch screen technology and gesture-controlled 720p camera. You can use the monitor comfortably at night due its auto night vision mode which allows best picture quality even in the dark. You can utilise this device to monitor your children, pets or simply use it for security purposes. It has the two-way talking feature so that you can speak back to your little one. The video transmissions are encrypted, thus you can rest assured about the safety of the messages. It can pair, view and control four cameras using the viewer and up to ten cameras using the VTech app.

Nanio Comfy 3.5″ Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor has an enhanced super night vision camera so that you can take a look at your baby while he/she is sleeping in their room. With a 1000ft transmission range, it gives a good connection space. The battery duration is good and you can remotely control the panning and tilting of the camera. With a 3.5-inch high-quality LCD display, it offers better viewing of the child and has a smart voice detection feature. The two-way audio gives you ample opportunity to make the baby comfortable even from a distance. It sends out temperature and feeding time alerts using the smart VOX mode. Despite being a wireless technology enabled device, it is a good bargain purchase for parents who stay in the house and are not leaving the kids with nannies or baby sitters.

Motorola Mbp36S Audio & Video Baby Monitor

Priced on the higher side, this 2.4 GHz digital gadget comes with a 3.5-inch video monitor and wireless technology. Its colour TFT LCD and QVGA 320X240 resolution and the indoor range of 180m makes it apt for homemaker mums. The monitor can pan, tilt and zoom and has infra-red night vision to give you a detailed view of the baby and the surroundings. The two-way audio transmission is quite clear and without any interruptions. It has a room temperature display as well which is fairly accurate. And like other wireless monitors, it allows the addition of four more cameras if you want to keep a check on several rooms or have other security reasons.

VTech DM221-2 Audio Baby Monitor

Although this is an audio monitor, it is highly appreciated and rated by customers due to its affordable price and utility. Its DECT 6.0 audio transmission cancels all the noise and provides crystal clear sounds of the baby. The graphic bars on the unit help you to understand the level of noise being made by the little one when the device is muted. The two-way talking feature allows you to speak to your child when you are away or busy in the kitchen. The rechargeable batteries provide up to 18 hours of monitoring after a single charge. If you don’t like the idea of holding the unit while moving, you can clip it on your belt and freely do other work. It has an extended range of 1000 feet and is an economical purchase for at-home mommies who want to take care of the household chores and keep a check on the baby.

HelloBaby Baby Video Monitor

This wireless technology-based video baby monitor provides a 3.2-inch TFT LCD display. Infrared night vision, temperature display, 960ft transmission range and two-way talking are some of its other highlights. Priced reasonably, it is a good quality product with high ratings from consumers on e-commerce websites. The monitor can be paired with up to four cameras and it has eight soothing lullabies installed in it. The highly sensitive microphone of the device picks up all the sounds and motions of the baby and its camera can be tilted and zoomed in or out remotely. With all the basic features in place, it is a satisfactory product at an affordable rate.

Features To Look For When Choosing A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are not a necessity but they do make your life easier as a parent. With a small child in the house, you have tons of work on hand. So you cannot keep hovering on the baby all the time. Also, you need some me-time away from the infant to de-stress yourself. All the physical and emotional changes in a woman’s body make it vital to take a break from the mommy routine and pay attention to their health and mind.

This time is equally taxing for new fathers who are stressed with all the additional responsibilities of tending to the baby, feeding him/her formula, changing diapers, bathing, etc. If both the parents are working and the baby is in the care of a nanny or a grandparent, then this device can come handy in tracking the daily activities of the child and getting an alert when they need something. So we all agree that baby monitors can make us happier and relaxed as parents. Let us take a look at the factors that need to be considered when buying the best baby monitor.

DECT Technology – You might not pay much heed to this feature unless you are a tech freak. The DECT technology utilises a low-frequency band which is specialised in voice-only communication. It is a step ahead of 2.4 GHz frequency band which is present in many wireless baby monitors and other gadgets in our homes, such as Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, etc. With DECT, you can enjoy complete noise cancellation and will get to hear only the sounds made by your baby. If you are looking for a low priced model with only an audio output, you must go for the one that offers the choice of setting the frequency manually.

Zoom – While many monitors offer pan and tilt option, there are few which come with the zoom functionality. It is quite useful when you want to take a closer look at your baby, such as when they are sleeping on their stomach and you want to check that the nose is not getting blocked. Also, some of the baby monitors offer a 360-degree view which is a valuable add-on if you have a big nursery and are keeping track of the infant from a distance or from your office.

Temperature Sensor – There are all sorts of sensors available these days in baby monitors. From the detection of a soiled diaper to changes in the heart rate, advanced monitors can do a lot. However, you don’t need these functions if you are at home and have a healthy baby. One sensor that can come handy is the temperature sensor. It helps you to know whether the baby is feeling too hot or too cold in his room by monitoring the level of humidity and temperature. This information is valuable as too cold air in the room can lead to chest congestion and stuffy nose etc.

In-Built Lullabies – This is a prominent feature in some of the baby monitors that has practical use when you are not around to take care of the baby. The tranquil music and soothing voice can put the baby back to sleep if he/she wakes up in the middle of the night. It means that you can also rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep which is absolutely essential at this stage of your child’s growth.

Battery Life – If you are not buying the plug-in options, then you must get a model that has rechargeable batteries. It will save the money spent on buying new batteries every few days. However, you must ensure that the battery duration should be long after a single charge to get an uninterrupted feed of the audio and video.

Two-Way Talking – Even if you have a shoestring budget, you must make some effort to get a baby monitor with two-way talking functionality. It can help you to calm down a howling baby as he/she hears your voice. If you are a working mom or dad, it can help in staying connected with your child even when you are not with them. The baby will also get the feeling that he/she is not alone.

Your Home and Schedule – The model you choose must depend on your requirements and lifestyle. If you have a small house, you might not want a Wi-Fi enabled monitor as a wireless device would suffice for the same. On the other hand, if you have a big house with noisy outdoors, you need a video monitor with noise cancellation ability. Also, you will need something that has a light bar graph to inform you about the level of noise being made by the kid.

Return Policy Guidelines – There are times when you might not be satisfied with your purchase and find it unfit for your environment. So you must ensure that the product has a return policy before you make the purchase. If you plan to gift a baby monitor to an expectant mother, then this thing should be kept in mind. Otherwise, your gift could end up in the trash.

How To Maintain Baby Safety With the Monitor?

Like most first-time parents, installing a baby monitor and using it safely around the little one is a task. You need to be careful and follow the instructions on the packaging accurately. Some other precautions that you must adhere to include:

Putting the Monitor A Few Feet Away From the Baby – It is important to keep the monitor away from the child so that they cannot fidget with it and break it. You might want a closer look at the baby, but using zoom is a better idea than having to buy a new one.

Keep The Power Cords Away – When you mount the monitor on the wall, the cords are usually left open and can come in contact of an inquisitive toddler who can pull at them. Also, they can pose as a strangulation hazard for kids below three years. Make sure you find a way to cover up all the cords for optimum safety.

Don’t Become Too Dependent On The Device – It is good to use baby monitors but you cannot give up on physically checking on the baby whenever you can. They are an additional support system which tracks the baby 24/7 but cannot replace human supervision. Also, with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome being a possibility in this age, you need to take extra care of the baby.

Questions To Ask Before You Go Shopping For A Baby Monitor

What Range will be perfect For Your Home?

If you are looking for a wireless baby monitor, then you must measure the maximum distance from where you want to keep an eye on your bundle of joy. The range is mentioned on the packaging but you need to test it yourself to determine its feasibility. The placement of the monitor and the number of walls between the receiving unit and the monitor can change the quality of the output. So make sure that you find the perfect fit for your home.

Would You Be working From Home?

It is the most pertinent question because working from home means that you will have to call your teammates and conduct meetings through video conferencing. So you will need a system which can be put on mute but still informs you about an alert of a crying baby using a light bar graph.

How Long Do You Intend to Use The Baby Monitor?

It completely depends on the parents. While some hands-on mothers prefer the use only until the baby starts sleeping through the night, others utilise it until the age of 4-5 years. So you must make an investment accordingly. If you are buying it for long-term use, then you must get the best baby monitor in Australia.

How Many Receivers Are Required?

This is an important question for families with big houses. You might need a receiver set in three to four rooms and kitchen etc. Also, these portable devices should come with a clip that helps in securing them on your belt or clothes to keep your hands free while you are moving.

Advantages of Using A Baby Monitor

Whether you opt for an audio or video baby monitor, the purchase is extremely beneficial with its plethora of features and ability to alert parents about baby’s activities when they are not next to them. Let us take a look at some of the prominent advantages of using a baby monitor.

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights

The worst part of parenting is getting up in the middle of the night dozens of time to pacify a crying baby or check on them. With the help of a baby monitor, you will know about the movement and crying of the infant instantly. You can utilise the in-built sounds to soothe them without having to enter their rooms. With the assurance of the child’s safety, you can have a peaceful sleep.

Check On the Baby When He or She Is Up

With the help of a video baby monitor, you can keep viewing the live streaming of the video being captured. If you are using a Wi-Fi enabled device, then you can view it from anywhere in the world. It is a boon for working parents or mothers who want to complete the household tasks simultaneously.

Safety And Security

The safety of the baby is the biggest concern of every parent and a baby monitor helps you in keeping track of their movements, temperature in the room, etc. Also, toddlers keep bumping into things or start playing with something dangerous. A video monitor can help in avoiding all such situations.

Can be Used As a Nanny Cam

It is an appropriate gadget for parents who have to leave the kids in the care of a nanny or babysitter. With the help of the camera, you can check on the efficiency of the hired help, and the safety of the baby with them.

Keep A Check on Ailing Infants

If a child is suffering from some health condition, then the best baby monitors with myriad features can come handy. These gadgets are helpful in determining the heart rate and oxygen levels of the infant which keeps the parents updated about the health status of the baby.


Besides offering peace of mind, baby monitors aid in freeing up your time spent on checking on the baby again and again throughout the day. If you have decided to buy one for your home, then take a look at the suggestions made above and select the one that suits your budget, needs and lifestyle.

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