Best Security Camera System For Your Home

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Your house is your safe haven which offers a sense of security and protection from external threats. It is an oasis that gives you a sense of belonging and a feeling of love and warmth. However, it may come under attack from nuisance creating anti-social elements and burglars. It is not uncommon to find the garden vandalised by miscreants or garbage dumped in front of the driveway by annoying neighbours. These scenarios are quite common in the metropolis of Brisbane, and the wrongdoer often goes scot-free because there is no evidence to prove the incident. Thus, it makes more sense to get a security camera system for your home, which gives you peace of mind and a close look at the intruder.

The well-being of our loved ones is our top priority, and a high-quality surveillance system helps us to keep them protected. The advanced security camera systems are connected to the Wi-Fi and offer live video streaming of the area under scrutiny. These smart systems come with a mobile app that sends an alert on your phone every time motion is detected in the surroundings. The camera records the footage and even allows talking to the person standing in front of the door while you are not home. These devices are compact and easy to handle. They are easy to install, and the best removalist Brisbane can effortlessly uninstall and pack them when you are relocating without the worry of damage. So, whether you live in a rented property or your own house, you can enjoy the multitude benefits of this superior product.

It comes handy when you are leaving for a long vacation or have the kids at home with the babysitter. You can enjoy your date nights carefree with this security device and have a relaxed holiday without worrying about the house. There are a variety of security cameras available in the market ranging from CCTVs to Wi-Fi-enabled systems. However, it is not easy to choose the right one without proper knowledge. So here is a complete guide on buying the best security camera system for your home to get a seamless experience.

What Is the Working Mechanism of Security Camera Systems?

Security camera systems have become modern and efficient over the years and cover a variety of functions. The camera can be installed anywhere in the house, depending on your needs. People who have pets and young kids require cameras inside the house, while others prefer it outside to check on the visitors and package deliveries.

The security cameras work like any other video recorder, which is connected to the internet and provides live footage on your devices, such as computers, laptops, or mobile phones. Some models also use Bluetooth or wireless technology that connects the device to a hub. The Wi-Fi-enabled cameras do not have to be placed near the ethernet port and if they are powered by batteries, there are no wires to cause installation hassles. On the other hand, the wired cameras need installation by a professional and they need to be connected to the electrical system of the house. The wireless cameras can be installed by anyone after understanding the instructions manual. They work on rechargeable batteries or solar panels.

Different Types of Security Camera Systems

If you have been scouring the market for security cameras, you must have come across a variety of products. Here are the distinctions that will make you choose the right one.

Indoor Vs Outdoor

The indoor security cameras are cheaper than the outdoor ones and need to be placed inside the rooms to supervise the activity of children when they are unattended. They are usually plug-in cameras. Conversely, outdoor cameras are costlier as they come with a protective shield that safeguards them from all kinds of weather conditions. These are usually wireless since it is challenging to find an outlet outside the house.

Wired Vs Wireless

The wired security cameras utilise cables to transmit video and audio signals to the connected viewing devices. Alternatively, the wireless security cameras transmit signals via the internet to the viewing device. With wireless systems, video recordings can be stored in a computer or cloud storage. The wireless camera must always stay connected to the internet to stream the video footage like the wireless earbuds while listening to music at a distance from the mobile or computer.

If the system has no wires and is run on batteries, you have to keep track of the battery life and recharge it as soon as it drains. Also, it cannot be installed too far away from the main hub, and if there are barriers like brick walls and other blockades like concrete walls, then the user can face connectivity issues and loss of live or recorded footage.

Digital Vs Analog

All the advanced systems are Wi-Fi-connected cameras that offer live footage on the receiving device with the help of an app. It sends out notifications when it detects motion, and the angle of the view can be adjusted remotely through the app. The ability to control the camera from anywhere gives the user the freedom to check on the house while working in the office or holidaying in another country.

In contrast, the analog camera allows people who do not have Wi-Fi at home to use the security service. The footage is recorded in the micro-SD card inserted in the device. However, there is no live streaming, and the recordings can be retrieved and viewed later.


The recording of the footage by the camera depends on its type. If it is a DVR camera, the data will be stored in the memory card of the recorder or the hard drive. All analog systems use this recording method which involves connecting the camera to the hard drive with the help of a coaxial cable. The NVR cameras work with an internet connection and are wireless.


There are ample shapes in the market which are suitable for different spaces. The bullet-shaped cameras are best for installation in the corners to get a broader view of the room. The dome-shaped ones are round in shape and give a better view as they can be placed on the ceiling. Some cameras are able to pan and tilt so that you can look in the direction you want. Then there are hidden cameras which are usually placed away from plain sight and cannot be destroyed by burglars when breaking and entering.

The Best Security Camera System For Your Home

The buying process can become daunting because of the multitude of options. However, if you are aware of your requirements and have set a limit to the budget, you can make an informed decision. Here is a list of the best security camera system that offers value for money.

Arlo Pro 3 – 2 Camera System

The brand Arlo is well-known for its revolutionary smart home devices. The wire-free Pro 3 camera system comes with a 2K HDR video and colour night vision video. The high-resolution ensures that the viewer can witness a superior quality video. Compatible with Amazon screen Alexa device, it allows zooming in on small objects and enjoying better quality footage with bright colours. It comes with the advantage of streaming coloured video even in low light. It also has an integrated spotlight that gives a peek into the details at night.

The broad 160-degree vision gives you a wide-angle view of the area under surveillance. Since it does not have any wires and has a magnetic mount, it can be installed without any help. The footage can be viewed directly on your phone and you will receive notifications when the security system detects motion. It also allows speaking to the visitor through its audio system from anywhere in the world using your phone. The only downside is that you have to shell out a few more dollars for this one.

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TP-Link Tapo C200

If you are looking for something cost-effective which offers excellent security, look no further. The world-renowned TP-Link Tapo C200 camera system fits well into your budget and comes with a variety of features. With highest ratings from users, this device is all you need to stay relaxed about the safety of your premises. The TP-Link camera works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and extends a hands-free voice-controlled system.

It sends notification of motion detection and package arrival at home on your phone. The most beneficial feature of the advanced system is its smooth pan and tilt, which covers a 360-degree horizontal range and 114-degree vertical range. The device uses a 128 GB MicroSD card which stores all the data for later viewing. The brand also provides 24 hours of technical support and a two-year warranty on the product.

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Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Another brand that offers an economical product with quality features is the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera. It offers a 360-degree horizontal and a 115-degree vertical view. The 100.4-degree wide-angle ensures that the viewer can easily examine every corner of the room or area being scrutinised. Other useful features include two-way smartphone camera voice call and one-way video call support with 720p resolution.

The device is capable of providing infrared night vision and motion detection. The system sends a 10-second video to your mobile phone if it detects motion during the timeframe chosen by you. The recordings can be stored in a MicroSD card or a router that comprises storage. It offers remote viewing on a phone, computer, tablet, and TV and provides silent rotation.

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Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

If you need a floodlight camera that offers the best quality output, you can pick the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera without thinking twice. The leading brand offers the best product in the category with up to 3,000 lumens light with an outdoor magnetic charging cable. The battery lasts for six months with just one charge, and the wire-free device can be set up quickly.

It offers a brilliant 2K HDR video with a wide-angle view to inspect every part thoroughly. The two-way audio capability allows the user to talk to visitors standing at the door through their phone even when they are away. The camera provides a colour night vision as well as the traditional black and white. You can zoom in and check packages on the doorstep or vehicles parked near your residence. It can be connected directly to the Wi-Fi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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Wyze Smart Home Camera

The indoor home camera with night vision offers a 1080p pan, tilt and zoom functionality and can be used as a baby monitor. The Wyze Cam helps to control the camera remotely and view a wide-angle frame of the room. It has a pan scan feature with four predefined waypoints and panning allows a 360-degree left/right rotation. The tilting feature offers a 93-degree vertical up and down range. Its full HD live streaming and two-way audio help the user to speak to the kids at home or pets using the app on their phones.

The motion and sound recordings are saved in the cloud for 14 days and the notifications sent on the mobile help you to track the happenings in the house with ease. You also have the option of recording the entire footage in a MicroSD card of up to 32 GB. The infrared LED included in the device allows night vision of up to 30’ in pitch dark. By downloading the app on their mobile phones, the family members can check the live video without interruptions.

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EZVIZ C6TC WiFi Indoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ C6TC camera system offers a panoramic responsive one-touch pan, tilt and zoom navigation to get a better view of the room. The budget-friendly option comes with smart motion tracking and night vision features that give you up to 33 feet of clear night view in 1080p HD resolution. The two-way audio system allows you to talk to your pets when you are working at the office or are out shopping.

Its sensor detects motion and sends alerts along with the live streaming of the video. You can access the recording with the help of a 128 GB MicroSD card, which can store clips for up to 30 days. You can also opt for Cloud storage which offers 7-day recording and 2-minute daily recap. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes it an ideal smart home device for hassle-free surveillance.

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Ring Stick Up Security Camera

The versatile Ring Stick Up Camera is the easiest to handle and manage and can be placed both inside and outside. It does not get damaged by rain so you can place it wherever you want. The live streaming can be viewed on the phone and the two-way audio system allows talking to visitors or family members and pets. You can use select Amazon Echo devices to talk as well.

The battery-powered camera can be mounted on a height or placed on a table or stuck on the wall. It sends notifications whenever it senses motion. The rechargeable battery can be replaced without moving the camera from its place and the motion detection can be adjusted through the settings. The recorded videos can be viewed for up to 30 days with the Ring Protect Plan.
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D-Link Outdoor Security Camera

If the price is not a limitation, you must opt for the D-Link DCS-8600LH camera, which is perfect for outdoor surveillance. The wireless device offers full HD output during both day and night and has in-built infrared LEDs which help in recording objects and persons up to 23 ft away from the camera during night-time. The sturdy product comes with a high price tag, which is justifiable because of its weatherproof body. It can withstand all temperatures (-4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit) including snow, dust, rain, heat, and hail.

Its 1080p resolution offers high-quality video footage which can be stored in the MicroSD card or the cloud. The videos can be viewed, downloaded, and sent to other family members. The device allows you to select up to 25 activity zones in your home and adjust the motion and sound sensors to get all the necessary alerts. It can also be plugged into the mains to avoid recharging. The D-Link camera can be connected with other smart home devices and can be mounted on any wall to get the best view.
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Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Camera

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor installation, the Reolink Argus 2 camera works on rechargeable batteries. The wireless system helps you to mount it on the wall neatly and without the help of any professionals. It can be charged with the help of a solar panel as well as rechargeable batteries. The full HD 1080p and 36 ft night vision ensures that you get the best quality video even during night.

The camera comes with a 64 GB MicroSD card slot to view the recorded footage later at any time. It gets connected to the Wi-Fi and the in-built microphone allows hearing crystal clear sounds remotely from the house. The body of the device is made of IP65 weatherproof casing, which ensures that the camera is not damaged even in harsh weather conditions.

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TP-Link Kasa Smart Indoor Security Camera

If you need the camera in one room to keep a check on the baby or the pet when you are not at home, you must invest in the high-quality TP-Reolink Argus 2Link Kasa smart camera. The spot device works best as a baby monitor or an indoor CCTV and does not require a hub. The machine is compatible with Alexa Echo Spot, Show, Fire TV and Google Home and Chromecast so you can watch the footage on any device with ease.

The Kasa app allows you to check the view with a voice command and talk to your family members with the help of the two-way audio feature. The app gives you the freedom to view and download the recordings from cloud storage at any time. You can customise the activity zones and notifications to be alerted on relevant movements and motion.

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Features To Look For In A Security Camera System

The wide range of cameras available in the market come with their set of unique attributes. You need to know which are the ones that are needed to enjoy a flawless and relaxing experience. Here is what you should be looking at when buying a security camera.

Volume/Number of Cameras

The number of cameras needed for effective surveillance of the house is a significant concern when you are planning to tighten the security. The size of the house will help you to make the decision. The main entrance needs to have a camera along with the backside or the backyard. If you have more than two entrances, they must have a camera installed for maximum protection from intruders or trespassers. If the purpose is maximum security, you must put cameras in the main hallways and passages that lead to the bedrooms and the exit and entry points. Mostly three cameras are required to cover the inside and outside entrance areas in every house.

Resistance to External Conditions

When you are installing cameras outside, make sure that you buy the ones that can withstand harsh weather conditions. These cameras come with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of two digits that describe the sturdiness. The first digit of the IP rating is meant for shielding the camera from solid objects and ranges between 0 to 6, where 0 denotes zero protection and six denotes total safety from external elements like dust and dirt. The second digit of the rating signifies the capacity to endure moisture and ranges between 0 to 9, where 0 denotes nil protection and nine denotes complete safety from high-pressure showers from every angle. So, look for a camera that comes with an IP rating of 66 or above to stay tension-free during rain and snowfall.

Picture Quality

The resolution of the camera is the most vital aspect while choosing the system as it informs you about the clarity of the footage. If you are unable to recognise people or objects in the video, the streaming is of no use. Thus, make sure that you purchase a camera with 1080p resolution that offers viewing on a variety of devices including tablets, smart TV, smart home devices and phones. If you are planning to buy the superior quality 4K Ultra HD cameras, you need to have a robust Wi-Fi connection so that there is no lagging. Also, the high-definition video will need more storage space so you will have to rely on cloud storage, which comes with a monthly subscription.

Field of View

Besides the resolution, you should also pay attention to the viewing capacity of the camera. It must be able to cover a wider area to give you a clear view of the entrance or the end of the hallway. In addition, it should be able to tilt, pan and zoom so that you can look closely at any suspicious object or person when you are not home. Another thing to remember is the quality of night vision. While some cameras offer black and white streaming during the night-time, others provide a colour night view up to a distance of 30 feet. Check all these features and then make the purchase.

Motion and Sound Alerts

Most security systems comprise motion sensors that start recording when they sense motion. Some of them send alerts to the user’s mobile phone to notify them about the happenings. Sound detection is yet another crucial feature that lets you know about the presence of someone who is trying to hide from the gaze of the camera. Also, you should find a system that allows you to adjust the sound settings so that you are not disturbed every time a dog barks, or the wind blows at high speed, or someone honks in the neighbourhood.

Audio System

Most new-age cameras have a two-way audio system that enables talking to the person in front of the camera through the mobile app. It helps in addressing delivery guys or any other sales representatives. The best use of this feature is when the camera is installed in the kids’ room as it allows you to speak to them or the pets when they are at home with the babysitter.


The security devices have a slot for MicroSD cards, so the buyer must check the maximum capacity card that can be inserted. Another storage option provided by the companies is cloud storage. Free cloud storage allows the user to download and view recorded footage for seven days as it gets rewritten after a week. If you need longer storage, you can opt for the monthly subscription of cloud storage. If you need the recording of the entire day, you must buy a camera that comes with a continuous recording plan.

Frequently Asked About Security Camera Systems for Your Home

When you install a security camera system in your home, you have a plethora of questions. Here are the answers that will give you a deeper insight into finding the best match.

How Much Does the Best Security Camera System Cost?

The price of the security camera system for homes ranges between $50 to $400. The cheapest versions have fewer features, but some brands offer good service within your budget. The best ones have been mentioned above for your reference.

Why Do I Need A Home Security Camera?

The security cameras work as a shield of protection for your house as it deters criminals from doing any unlawful activity. In case there is a burglary, the footage from the camera is useful for criminal investigation. You can also avert mishaps at home through the alerts and footage sent to your phone.

Which Storage Option is Better?

The cameras using MicroSD cards can store only a limited amount of footage and need to be cleaned after some time. However, it is easier to retrieve data from memory cards. The DVR storage system is best suited for homes that have multiple cameras as they can store a lot of data and do not need the internet. The advantage is that you do not have to worry about losing any part of the footage due to poor connectivity. The third option is the cloud which is most convenient and can be accessed from anywhere, but it comes with a monthly subscription.

Which Security Camera Is Better Wireless or Mains Powered?

The wireless cameras can be effortlessly installed and moved if you are relocating without professional help. However, the downside of a wireless system is that it does not have long battery life. Conversely, with the mains powered system, you need an electrician to get the system installed. It will have cords hanging around, which can impact the décor of your walls and needs a power point nearby. The best solution is to opt for a wireless camera that is powered by the mains and does not require frequent battery replacements and charging. You can also go for the solar-powered wireless camera, but it can be a bit expensive.

How to best Adjust the Settings of a Battery Powered Camera?

The battery-powered cameras start recording when they detect a sound or motion in the surroundings. Thus, you need to tweak the settings to make sure that it is not recording every slight sound made by the kids or the pets. You can schedule the recording time so that it stores the data when you are not around. If the camera keeps recording everything, the battery life will be shortened. Also, you can control the picture quality. The highest quality will need higher bandwidth and more battery, so change the settings accordingly. Night mode consumes more battery, and so does the Wi-Fi if it has several other devices connected to it.

How to best Adjust the Settings of a Battery Powered Camera?

The battery-powered cameras start recording when they detect a sound or motion in the surroundings. Thus, you need to tweak the settings to make sure that it is not recording every slight sound made by the kids or the pets. You can schedule the recording time so that it stores the data when you are not around. If the camera keeps recording everything, the battery life will be shortened. Also, you can control the picture quality. The highest quality will need higher bandwidth and more battery, so change the settings accordingly. Night mode consumes more battery, and so does the Wi-Fi if it has several other devices connected to it.


The protection of your precious belongings and family members should not be compromised at any time. Thus, get the best security camera system for your home to ensure the safety of your loved ones and enjoy complete peace of mind even when you are miles away.

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