Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Buy in 2020

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Cleaning an entire home may seem a tedious task. If you want to ensure a clean and hygienic home environment, remove dust, allergens and other contaminants from the carpets, rugs and hard surfaces. However, taking some time out of a busy schedule for thorough cleaning of the living space is difficult, but you can opt for best the cleaning equipment that can save you both time and energy.

With the introduction of modern-age cleaning gadgets, homemakers across Australia are finding it super-easy to spruce up their homes in a breeze. One of those advanced technologies is a robot vacuum cleaner. You can simplify your life by transforming your dirty and messy floors using this modern cleaning equipment. It can reduce the stress out of your daily cleaning chore in a fun way while giving you an apt reason to bring futuristic cleaning machines in your home.

However, buying a robot vacuum can be expensive, so make sure you know what you need while searching for the best robot vacuum cleaner in Australia.

A Robot Vacuum: Next-Gen Cleaning Equipment

The perfect robot vacuum has the potential to take the cleaning work off your hands and let you sit back and relax. It not only dust or sweep the floors; you can use it to eliminate embedded dust particles, pet hairs, dead skin cells, allergens, germs, spills and splatters from floors, carpets and rugs without giving you a hint of stress.

A feature-rich robot vacuum navigates filthy areas, attack stubborn spills and stains in circular motions to give your sparkling outcomes. It can help you get rid of dust and dirt collecting in nooks and crannies of your home in seconds. All you need to do is to click on the start button and suck all the accumulated grime and dust from the surfaces.

But you can’t deny the fact that all robot vacuums offer the same level of features and functionalities. Some are designed to suck the dirt and dust around the surfaces while others have the potential to remove spills and tough stains. So, before making the final decision, make sure you consider the key benefits, drawbacks, specifications and features of best robot vacuums available on the Australian market.

Basics of Robotic Vacuums

Cleanliness is one of the essential aspects when it comes to ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment in your living space. Instead of getting into the manual cleaning process, you can invest your money in robot vacuums that can make your house look clean again without much elbow grease. They look beautiful, chick and work effectively regardless of the size of your home.

The market is flooded with a ton of brands and models of robotic vacuums, which are available in the different price range. These modern technologies are commonly low-slung, user-friendly, compact – means they can get underneath heavy furniture that a regular vacuum cleaning machine can’t do.

A New-Age Floor Cleaning System

A robotic vacuum, also known as a robovac, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner which runs on a program that automatically fetches the dust, dirt and grime collected on the surfaces in seconds. The original design consists of manual operation through remote control and a self-drive move to let the appliance clean surfaces without human intervention.

Some advanced designs utilise spinning brushes to get into the nooks and crannies and tight corners while some come with intelligent cleaning features along with a vacuuming function like mopping and sweeping.

You can easily schedule it to clean every day through Wi-Fi/App Bluetooth remote control when you are at the office or a shopping mall. Isn’t it simple?

How Does It Clean?

Robovac vacuums make it easy for anyone to clean their dirty and messy floors, carpets and rugs in minutes. Here is a sneak peek of how a robot vacuum removes dust particles and grime from the surfaces:

Step 1:

The appliance usually equipped with dual sweeping brushes to collect dust, dirt, hair, and other debris from tight spaces, edges and under the furniture in a breeze.


Step 2:

After that, the built-in roller brush fetches pet’spet’s hair and other dust particles with its bristles and eliminates the stains and spills using its rubber roller.


Step 3:

There is a strong suction motor that sucks dust into the filtered dustbin via the air inlet while the HEPA filter eliminates ultra-fine mites, particles, allergens and pollens from the air.


Step 4:

The water tank releases liquid to the microfiber cloth, and the machine uses a wet cloth to mop the floors to get rid of tough stains, grime and smudges.

Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum

Here are some key reasons to help you know why using a robot vacuum has become imperative these days. Let’s get started!

Saving Time

You can’t deny the fact that time is money. If you are a working professional or under a serious time crunch, you should consider some smart tricks to keep your home clean. Of course, sprucing up an entire property is a time-consuming process, but you can minimise the stress as well as elbow grease by buying the best robot vacuum.

This futuristic machine does all the vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping job for you in a matter of a few minutes. It doesn’t require a human operation. You can schedule it to clean the floors through app/Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth remote control. The machine promises to save you a lot of time as well as energy.

Provides Deep Cleaning

It is always daunting to clean the tight spaces and hard to reach areas such as under the heavy kitchen appliances or furniture with sweepers and heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. Fortunately, a robot vacuum easily gets into the corners and under the furniture to get rid of dust, dirt and grime – thanks to its slim body structure.

Ideal for People with Disabilities or old age

A robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who have mobility issues and can’t clean their floors on a frequent basis. The device can be scheduled to clean as often as required without any human assistance. Plus, it needs minimal maintenance.

Intelligent Mapping

New-age robot vacuums come with advanced sensors to detect the amount of dirt at different spots. The appliance will identify the dirty areas and clean the surface until it is clean completely.

Comes with High-end Features

Advanced models of robot vacuums let you achieve sparkling results with ease. These models come with great features, including large dust bags that can clean surfaces for multiple times, advanced sensors to detect the amount of dust in surface and give you quality outcomes in a fun way.

Set boundaries using Virtual Walls Feature

It has become super easy to set virtual walls for your future-driven vacuuming machine so that it will create the underlined area without giving you any stress. It is great to prevent the device from going across the openings or doorways.

Made Spot Cleaning Super Easy

Robot vacuums available on the market are great for spot cleaning. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, they detect and treat the spill or spot before it becomes stubborn. All you need to do is to click a few buttons on your mobile app, and it will remove the spot in seconds. When it is done, the machine will return to its docking mode with the minimum of mess.

Drawbacks of Using a Robot Vacuum

We look at some disadvantages of a robotic vacuum cleaner so that you can make the informed buying decision easily.


Robot vacuums are one of the most expensive cleaning equipment these days. It can be very costly as compared to standard vacuum cleaners, especially when you are planning to buy an upgraded model.

So, do your thorough research and look for the best options available within your estimated budget.

You need to indulge in Pre-Cleaning Process

One of the key drawbacks of robot vacuums is that you need to sweep the floors and pick up the items like socks, shoes etc. that will stop its progress. Clear the mess before running the device on the dirty floors.

Time-Consuming Process

Robotic vacuum cleaners take longer to do their cleaning work because they have artificial intelligence that doesn’t work as human brains do. They need time to make decisions – whether they want to turn right or left. So, you need to be patient and calm while using this future-driven vacuum machine to clean up your floors.


Robot vacuums are compact, and due to their tiny size, you need to empty it every day after it collects dust and dirt from the surface. If you have pets at home, then you need to empty your machine frequently. On the other side, a standard vacuum cleaner needs emptying every 3-4 days, and that’s why people avoid buying such an expensive robot vacuum. This is one of the key drawbacks of using this futuristic appliance.

Drainage of Battery

These advanced devices come with features like an intelligent mapping and auto return home function. But all that comes from batteries. As the battery starts to drain, the machine won’t be able to work effectively. It will become impossible for the robot appliance to return to its docking station until you charge it.

Regular vacuum cleaners available on the market don’t suffer such situations because they are directly attached to the cords. But with robot vacuums, you need to keep the battery full to get the best out of it.

Key Features to Look Before Buying the Best Robot Vacuum in 2020

The robot vacuums have drastically changed the way people clean their houses and take the stress out of household chores. No matter how big your home is, you can make your floors look sparkling with this smart appliance. However, there are different brands and models in the market, and when it comes to buying the best one, make sure you look for the following features before making the final decision:

High-end Navigation Technology

The automatic robot vacuums equipped with advanced navigation technology to map the area into specific cleaning zones to boost the cleaning efficiency. According to the intelligent navigation guidelines, the machine navigates and detects the dust, change its route to clean the areas more deeply.

It can move around the room and do the cleaning job without human operation. You don’t need to change modes all the time because the robot comes with the GPS memory to detect and treat the filthy areas.

WiFi Connectivity

Look for the machine that comes with WiFi connectivity facility as it can bring more convenience to the cleaning job. All you need to do is to install the application on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and use it as a remote control to command your machine. With the app, you can set, schedule, start, stop, pause and even capture photos of your room when you are not at your home. This feature gives you the flexibility to command your robot vacuum and treat the dust particles and grime from the different surfaces in a breeze.

Scheduling Function

The best part about robotic vacuums is that they can clean the floors, carpets and rugs automatically. But for that, you need to schedule the cleaning task so that it can do the job without your interference.

The scheduling function can help you set when the machine starts a cleaning task before you leave for the office. It also helps you know the most convenient time for cleaning so that you can get into the process without any human assistance.

HEPA Filter to Collect Allergens

Most robotic vacuums consist of HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) which is ideal for removing pet hair, dust mites, pollens and other allergens from the air. You can buy a robot machine that comes with this feature for better outcomes.

Multiple Intelligent Sensors

Robot vacuums have built-in intelligent sensors that avoid obstacles such as stairs, edges, door sills and large furniture so that they can do the cleaning job without any hassle.

Usually, modern-age robot vacuums adopt different intelligent sensors such as ultrasonic radar sensor, collision sensor, gyro sensor, laser distance sensor, etc. so that the machine can move freely and clean the dirty floors thoroughly.

A Visual Wall Feature

Some robot vacuums come with a unique feature known as the visual wall. You can use it to delimit the cleaning zones to sensitive areas like kitchen and toilet. This is done to prevent threats when you are not at home.

With this feature, you can allow your robot vacuum to work in safe areas and never cross the visual wall. This will give you a sense of relief when you are away from your house.


These smart appliances equipped with recharging docks so that you don’t need to charge again and again. All you need to do is to select a robot-accessible zone for the charging dock, and the machine will come back on its own before the battery drains.

Built-in cleaning System

Make sure your robot vacuum has multiple cleaning systems that can assist you in keeping your floors dust-free and shiny in minutes. Have a look some of its cleaning functions:

Automatic Cleaning

It can move around your living space and removes dust, dirt, hair dander, pollens, allergens, and spills from the carpets, rugs and floors without any human interference.

Edge Cleaning

The machine cleans along the wall and eliminates dust from nooks and crannies from the room.

Spot Cleaning

The robot moves around the centre in a circular motion and focuses on the spilled areas. It has the potential to treat spills and stains from the floors in a breeze.

Zigzag Cleaning

It is also known as S-shaped cleaning. It takes the best cleaning route and removes the dirt more thoroughly in less time.

Best Robot Vacuums to Buy in Australia in 2020

Purchasing a perfect robot vacuum may seem difficult, but with the help of this guide, we brought you the list of best product out there in the Australian market to meet your specific requirements.

iRobot Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690 is one of the trending robot vacuums across the world. If you want to install a new-age technology in your home for cleaning chores, then this is an ideal product for you. It allows you to schedule and cleans the surfaces even when you are away from your home.

This smart appliance comes with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant features to give you quality cleaning without any disturbance. You can set, schedule, start, pause or stop the machine from the iRobot Home app in a matter of a few clicks.

The iRobot Roomba boasts of many advanced features, patented 3-stage cleaning system, dual multi-surface brushes and dirt detection system. This means it can easily detect the dirty areas and trap all the dust, dirt, hair dander, grime and spills around your home without any human operation. The multi-surface brushes work effectively in removing embedded dust particles from carpets and rugs- leaving your floors to look sparkling again.

In addition to this, the Roomba comes with a complete range of intelligent sensors so that it can clean around and underneath the heavy furniture thoroughly. It has edge sensors, collision sensors, laser distance sensors, etc. to capture dust and debris from nook and cranny of the rooms.

In a nutshell, this robotic vacuum is perfect for those who want a smart, convenient, efficient and future-driven cleaning tool for their home.

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Roborock S50 Robot Vacuum Sweep-Mop Cleaner

Now cleaning floors have become a super-easy task – thanks to Roborock robot vacuum. It comes with highly-advanced features that can take the household chores to the next level. There is a suction power of 2000 pa to fetch the ultra-fine dust particles with ease.

The machine also has an intelligent mapping technology, Lidar laser sensor which spins at least five times per second. The mapping technology controls the machine and cleans the safety areas deeply.

When it comes to the battery life, the Roborock S50 robot vacuum is equipped with a 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery pack that can run more than 2 hours if it is fully charged. This much of battery is enough to spruce up spacious rooms and even an entire house.

There is also a filtration system efficiency which means you will get washable filters that can be washed and reused for the next cleaning session. You can replace it in every 2-3 months.

With this slim and sleek design robot vacuum, you can remove dust from tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas.

If you want to buy a robot vacuum with great mapping technology, multiple intelligent sensors, long-lasting battery backup, virtual walls feature, WiFi connectivity feature, then this is an ideal product for you.

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Clymen Q7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This self-charging robot vacuum by Clymen offers some great features, including easy interface, scheduled mode, multiple intelligent sensors, compact design, extra wide brushes, HEPA filter and a lot more.

The scheduled mode feature lets you schedule a cleaning time as per your convenience so that it can complete its work even when you are not at home. The robotic vacuum cleaner is perfect for those who are working professionals or someone with mobility issues. All you need to do is to set the time for the cleaning job and let the machine do all the vacuuming and sweeping work for you.

This particular vacuum cleaner is designed to clean all types of floors- from carpets, rugs to tiles and hardwood floors. Its advanced suction power has the potential to collect dust particles, grime, pet hair, fur and pollens in seconds.

You can install the app on your smartphone and control its action/function from anywhere. It is one of the easiest cleaning products that work wonders in transforming dirty floors.

The best part about this product is that it is comparatively affordable than other robot vacuums. You can invest your money in this machine if you want to ensure clean and shiny floors all day long.

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DEEBOT N79T by Ecovacs boasts of advanced features such as 2 x powerful suction, anti-collision technology, intelligent mapping, WiFi connectivity, 3 different cleaning systems and a lot more. If you want to keep your home clean, then buy this super-smart vacuum cleaner.

The product comes with some great intelligent sensors and 4 different cleaning modes such as edge more for corners, single room and spot cleaning, general cleaning etc. The cleaning systems allow the machine to work effectively and trap all the dust, dirt and grime from the floors in seconds. For double suction power for high-traffic areas, you can use the max mode.

To control the machine remotely, you can download the Ecovacs app in your smartphone and manage the tasks as per your convenience. Through this application, you can set, schedule, stop, pause and even customise your cleaning chores from anywhere.

Apart from this, it offers some basic features, including 120-minute life lithium battery backup, air filtration, anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, large wheels, auto-return charging, anti-scratch finish, protective bumpers and a spacious dustbin. Isn’t it fantastic?

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ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for a smart, convenient yet powerful robot vacuum for your home this year? If yes, then consider ILife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This top-notch machine is simple and has the potential to do all the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping tasks in a breeze. You can schedule a cleaning session and let it deep-clean your floors.

This little device comes with 3 CyclonePower cleaning system with a powerful suction feature to provide you thorough cleaning on different floors, including tile, carpet, laminate and wood.

There is also an advanced edge-detector and dash-free sensors to let the machine avoid stairs, doorways while cleaning the edges and beneath the furniture. If you want to schedule a cleaning session for a small room, use its mini-room mode. The robot can remove dust, dirt and grime from surfaces in minutes.

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mi Robot vacuum cleaner by Xiaomi is ideal for those who don’t get enough time for thorough cleaning of their homes. The device has a real-time map generation to make its cleaning path for effective results. The battery life is also impressive (5200mAH) / Panasonic high energy density 1850 lithium-ion battery. The robot is capable of cleaning spacious rooms, including the nooks and crannies, without giving you a hint of stress.

The advanced navigation technology and anti-collision detection sensors protect the machine from edges, stairs and give you sparkling results. There is also an anti-falling detection and turning back feature that will ensure the safety of your expensive appliance throughout the cleaning session.

For easy management, use Mi Smart Home App and monitor your robot from anywhere. So, what are you waiting for?

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Samsung POWERbot Plus Robot Vacuum

This slim, compatible and beautiful robot vacuum by Samsung is gaining a lot of popularity among homemakers across Australia. It comes with a powerful suction feature to fetch dust and dirt from all the corners of the room in no time.

On the other side, the slim height design allows the robot to clean under the furniture, while the edge clean master system removes the grime and dust from wall edges in a breeze. The device also has WiFi technology to let you control your machine from anywhere.

The best part about this model is that it can run up to an hour- which is quite enough to clean a spacious room without any human operation.

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Seebest Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Seebest Robot Vacuum Cleaner is great for those who love advanced technology. It can reduce the stress out of your household cleaning chores and give you quality time to spend with your family. The machine has an in-built gyroscope navigation system that provides zigzag planned cleaning path along with 4 pairs of star sensors, 12 parts of wall sensors and intelligent sensors to clean the floors thoroughly.

The robot offers versatile functions, including vacuuming, sweeping and wet mopping as it is equipped with a water tank. Its 1000pa suction power can fetch tiny dust particles, grime and spills using its brushless vacuum motor.

There is also an auto-charge, and virtual wall features to give you safe and quality cleaning in minutes. When it comes to controlling the machine remotely, there is a time scheduling setting along with three different options so that you can control the machine from anywhere. The battery backup is also amazing as it provides 2200mah Li-on, which is ideal for 120 square meter area.

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Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This particular model comes with multiple remote control method. It supports Alexa voice control so that you can schedule the cleaning session from anywhere. You can also use the WiFi connectivity to control the smart device when you are away from home.

There is also an iPNAS Programmed Cleaning System and intelligent navigation technology to provide you precise location and clean the dust from nooks and crannies of the floor.

Apart from this, it comes with two different cleaning mode: vacuuming to suck dust and grime while the other is wet mopping to remove spills and stains. The product is available with a 12-month warranty and an accessory set.

The appliance comes with HSIR sensor, Ultrasonic Radar Detection, and Anti-Fall Sensors to make sure the robot goes under the furniture like sofas, cabinets and beds to fetch dust and dust with ease.


If you are planning to buy the best robot vacuum this year, then consider this article and make the final buying decision carefully. The details mentioned above will help you get the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for your home at the best price.

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